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Portable Rock Crusher oil spill

Portable Rock Crusher has become a very important equipment in the modern milling industry. It plays a very important role in production and is constantly changing with the needs of mining companies. People are moving towards this high energy. The purchase process of the crusher is also becoming more and more important. It is hoped that the Portable Rock Crusher can more fully satisfy the production, such as the convenience of operation and the superiority of performance. However, no matter how good the quality is, the equipment still needs to be careful. Maintenance to reduce production failures and help increase productivity.

In the production of Portable Rock Crushers, one of the more common faults is the problem of oil leakage. This fault will not only cause waste, but also cause pollution, and will also affect the cost input. Therefore, it is very urgent to solve it. The main cause of this problem is that during the long-term use of the high-energy Portable Rock Crusher mainframe, it has not been timely maintained. Then, many parts of the Portable Rock Crusher adopt advanced oil seal devices, and the oil seal is damaged during production, or It is the action of the high-pressure oil gun that causes the oil seal to break, which will cause oil leakage. Therefore, once the oil leakage occurs, it can be solved from these aspects.

In the production of Portable Rock Crusher, if the viscosity of the selected oil is relatively large, it will cause oil shortage and heat in the bearing. Therefore, we must strictly select the oil to be used. Generally, the label of the oil will be specified in the equipment manual. Viscosity has very specific requirements, only you can choose according to the requirements.

In normal production, the operation of the Portable Rock Crusher is very important. In order to ensure the smooth progress of production, maintenance is indispensable. The problem of oil leakage is mainly caused by the damage of the oil seal. Solve it, then the choice of the oil model should be correct, otherwise it will cause damage to the parts.

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