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Portable Rock Crusher starts up

 Before the Portable Rock Crusher is turned on, it should be understood that the basic installation precautions of the Portable Rock Crusher should be known. If the Portable Rock Crusher is installed on a concrete foundation, the foundation should withstand several times the weight of the whole machine. Depending on the ground airport, it can be installed in the factory or installed in outdoor homework. When installing, the Portable Rock Crusher should be leveled so that its main axis is perpendicular to the horizontal. Lifting equipment should be installed above the Portable Rock Crusher. The weight of the lifting equipment should be considered according to the weight of the Portable Rock Crusher. There should be a lifting space above the Portable Rock Crusher, and appropriate space should be reserved on the side of the Portable Rock Crusher for testing. .

First, the Portable Rock Crusher comprehensive inspection before starting

The 8 hours of dry load operation has been carried out normally, although the installation should be carried out after the installation of the sand making site: check whether the lubricating oil pipe is firmly connected; before the trial operation, the oil should be re-added once, and the Mobil vehicle lubrication grade or 3# Lithium base grease; check if the lubricating oil pipe of the grid part is firmly connected; check the impeller for foreign matter.

Before the Portable Rock Crusher is turned on, check the vortex chamber to see if the door is closed to prevent the material from rushing out of the vortex chamber and causing danger. Check the starting sequence of the impeller and conveyor equipment:

1, nesting – → Portable Rock Crusher – → feeding

2. The Portable Rock Crusher must be started at no load. After the Portable Rock Crusher is running normally, it can be fed.

3. The order of shutdown is the opposite of booting.

Check the between the motorized belts, the current point of the motor, the direction of rotation should be consistent with the direction of the Portable Rock Crusher sign, if the direction of the sign is opposite, the wiring of the motor should be adjusted so that the direction of rotation is consistent with the sign, and the direction is prohibited. The two-motor drive, the spindle assembly and the motors on both sides, the same number of V-belts are connected to the spindle assembly, and should be adjusted straight. After the inspection, the production will be resumed, and the predecessor will be upgraded before the production. The test machine will confirm that there is no problem before it can be officially produced.

Second, pay attention to the problem when the Portable Rock Crusher is running

The rolling load of the jaw crusher is 4 hours, and the particle size of the load test run is strictly according to the requirements of various models. It is strictly forbidden to enter more than the designated materials; the feedstock is continuous and the water content cannot be lower than 10-15% ( According to different materials, the feedstock reaches the full load of the PCL longitudinal impact Portable Rock Crusher; the load test run time is 8-24 hours.

The particle size of the Portable Rock Crusher is strictly according to the requirements of the demarcation. It is strictly forbidden to enter the Portable Rock Crusher than the delineated material. Otherwise, the impeller of the Portable Rock Crusher fitting will be unbalanced and the impeller will be excessively worn, and even the impeller channel and the central inlet will be blocked. The material pipe makes the Portable Rock Crusher unable to work normally, and it is found that large materials should be eliminated in time.

Before the Portable Rock Crusher mainframe stops working, it should stop feeding, otherwise it will cause the impeller to be crushed and the motor to burn out. The feed should be averaged. During the operation of the Portable Rock Crusher, there shall be no severe vibration or abnormal noise. Otherwise, it shall be stopped for inspection. Lubrication is a dry oil lubrication method, using Mobil automotive grease or 3# lithium base grease. The Portable Rock Crusher adds an appropriate amount of grease every 100 hours of operation.

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