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Portable Concrete Crusher operation details

        Our company is a professional Portable Concrete Crusher supplier. Our engineers focus on the following experiences and hope to better serve our customers.

1. No-load test

(1) The Portable Concrete Crusher is continuously operated for 2 hours, and the bearing temperature rise must not exceed 30 °C.

(2) All the fasteners of the Portable Concrete Crusher should be firm and free of looseness.

(3) The flywheel and the sheave are running smoothly.

(4) All the friction parts of the Portable Concrete Crusher have no scratches, chipping and grinding, and there is no abnormal sound.

(5) The adjustment device of the discharge port of the Portable Concrete Crusher should be able to ensure the adjustment range of the discharge opening.

2. On-load test

(1) The Portable Concrete Crusher must not have periodic or significant impact or impact sounds.

(2) The large feed size should meet the design requirements.

(3) Continuous operation for 8h, the bearing temperature rise shall not exceed 30 °C.

(4) The handling capacity and product granularity of the Portable Concrete Crusher should meet the design requirements.

(5) There is no obvious movement between the adjustment seat and the frame ear seat.

3. Preparation before use

(1) Carefully check that there is sufficient grease at the joint of the thrust plate.

(2) Carefully check that all fasteners are tight.

(3) Carefully check that the belt is good. If it is found to be unsafe, it should be replaced in time. When there is oil on the belt or pulley, wipe the oil with a rag.

(4) Check if the guard is good. When unsafe phenomena are found, they should be eliminated in time.

(5) Check for ore or debris in the crushing chamber. If there is ore or debris, it must be cleaned to ensure that the Portable Concrete Crusher cavity is started.

(6) Check if the top bolt is retracted, whether the gasket group is pressed, and whether the T-bolt is tightened.

4. Portable Concrete Crusher start

(1) After inspection, it is proved that all parts of the machine are in normal condition before starting.

(2) The Portable Concrete Crusher is only allowed to start without load.

(3) Before starting, you must use a ringing tone or signal to warn in advance.

(4) If there is any abnormality after starting, stop running immediately. The Portable Concrete Crusher can only be restarted after the abnormal conditions have been identified and eliminated.

5. Production use

(1) After the Portable Concrete Crusher is in normal operation, it can be put into production.

(2) The material to be crushed should be evenly added into the cavity of the Portable Concrete Crusher. Avoid side feed or full feed, so as to avoid unilateral overload or overload.

(3) When working normally, the temperature rise of the bearing should not exceed 30 °C, and the high temperature should not exceed 70 °C. When the above temperature is exceeded, stop immediately and find out the cause and eliminate it.

(4) Before stopping, the feeding should be stopped first, and the power can be turned off after the material in the crushing chamber is completely discharged.

(5) When crushing, if the parking is caused by the blockage of the material in the crushing chamber, the power supply should be shut down immediately to stop the operation, and the material in the crushing chamber should be cleaned before starting again.

(6) After one end of the seesaw is worn, the adjustable head is used.

(7) After using the Portable Concrete Crusher for a period of time, the tightening bushing should be retightened to prevent the bushing from loosening and damaging the machine.

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